Friday, November 4, 2011

The Source Channels - Wake Up - Stamping Heaven

Not understanding the true nature of the information and the types of information, understanding the truth, but the concept is needed the truth about what they understand the truth of knowledge and understanding of the world.

Can not be true to the concept of information reaching the Supreme physical world, but to learn the concept and the true values ​​and the teachings of divine wisdom and power in their own internal consciousness to take.

Indoctrinations or does this job take your time to imprint his own, that Stamping Heaven is not found.

In fact, the conclusion that the sky above? Or is this a mistake? We do not know what is Stamping Heaven? Does the idea that the settings correctly describe the religious belief that the amount of air? Or maybe this writing, recognized religion? Which is chosen, the argument is Stamping Heaven? Of the above?

The dictionary meaning of the book of Stamping Heaven: the area above the heavens and the angels of God live in a house at the different religions of God (or gods), and the angels keep, and the good after death, that often down if not traditional.

Now lets break down, because they learned to respond to the word is always important. Or is it?

He says that outside the sky area, but where? Is it north, east, south and west of the sky? Or maybe close to Mars or another planet X, it can be from outside the cloud, but galaxy of stars close to us can not see, or perhaps the indoctrination of our imagination. We should not care whether the aircraft or space shuttles door to Stamping Heaven if the location is known.

It is not clear, the current point in the sky, but the report:

The residence of God and his angels, where the different religions, not the living God.

OK, what this statement meant that God lives above the skies, but not only, the angels live, and if you die, you can play God in their homes, but only if it is good.

Well, it's important not to tell where the sky signal, but it gives us where you are. Now we have a clearer picture of the sky, and stay there, in terms of the handbook. Now the enthusiasm and the desire to get out of the book as you can tell me what the hell, or at least the word.

Place the eternal punishment of the wicked after death, presided over by the devil. The separation of the state to the presence of God to rule out. Place or is punishable by death after the resident evil demons, and sentenced to Gehenna and Tartarus.

It sets clear, but tell me where you are, huh? Gehenna and Tartarus. Well, it means the textbook.

Place or state of fear and suffering. Living souls condemned to hell.

The conclusion is based on the book until now clearly it's really not in Stamping Heaven or in hell, pin point, but if you take to God in Stamping Heaven above, and if you do not plan to go to hell where he was. God has no address, so I can not say, based on the book, where it is, but somewhere beyond the Stamping Heaven, and trips to Mars has not given us permission to travel to the red planet, or even live there, we can closer to God, to the actual location of the place of the gods to find.

The Bible says that the Pharisees, when he asked God to come, and Jesus said:

"The kingdom of God comes from careful observation, nor say," This, "or" Here, "because the kingdom of God in you." Luke17: 20-21

The dictionary says it is more than the sky. If we believe Biblical account of the question, if the sky vocabulary whatsoever, what is wrong, and if you agree with the dictionary, the Bible is wrong. Now the big question, who or what you believe? Which side are you on? Now you have the answer, now go to heaven?

I tell you, the sky is not the place or location. Heaven is not heaven, and heaven on earth. That's not all he did in the physical world, and this is not true that you must either die go to heaven.

Channel Sleep says: House is not your country back waiting for me in that I come back, so go and let go the means to attain wisdom is that the idea is just to understand the data, the corresponding life in the words of a generation that changed the way the person to believe that what is really unnatural. Invisible.

Heaven on a higher level of awareness that the relationship between one station to another, what does this mean? This means that the different levels of awareness at all levels of rank, and every step of the higher self. True, on the ground that three to eight degrees of consciousness, but in my dream, refers to the channel with 19.00 steps to rise in the hierarchy of the stage, a nine. The second phase of the nine positions Sub Links. However, parts of the hierarchy than anything else.

This topic is difficult for every 28 degrees, but the journey will take you to self-discovery.

Starting at the steps and links to some link to understand, first our equipment in this part of the trip, but we need tools: the ability of the conscious and subconscious. The brain cells to think of all people. The more cells, each atom in the known universe.

The two species are in the back of the second called the unconscious conscious. Both work in sync with the same frequency, or work on different frequencies, whether with each other, locked in a secret power of the genetic past, present and future.

Understanding who you are, what's going on, and will not refer to what is called the celestial beings really lost, trapped in the complex, and most of its own complexity.

All you have to do and what not, and the rights of the poor, the selection, the ability to think, anything and everything by the two skills. Together they are like a powerhouse and a great resource, if not the largest source of genetic.

However, these possibilities are much more than the others, and the known ability of the subconscious. A person in our galaxy for a way to the subconscious mind to use its full potential lies, it is so complex, only a few employees in how to use the United Nations, tap or a portion of the internal device. Others are born this gift, some people inherit the disease from tragedy, or perhaps moved to this complexity, ie all of us.

If you find the complexity of the subconscious and the ability to decide how to use it without purpose and indoctrination also appears in the sky, what you want, while still on the ground.

The subconscious mind is like a black box in the air, because if the machine, and the flames could go to the black box memory to give us the details of the last moments before the accident.

The kind of subconscious, but much stronger, because you can not drive. You do not air, open the information that you've never seen or even heard of the country reality. This makes the wishes, needs, desires, good or bad. This is the most open secrets, you travel in search of a moment, your subconscious will improve and heal if you let it. Unconsciousness can not wait to light. If you decide to cook or drive your car, it is not easy to adjust with the gas, or run the ignition. So the subconscious work, then wait for instructions, and they may be.

Channel teaches us to look good, if the answer is left open with the reality on the ground. The key to the ultimate reality, responses, and the interior of the monument to the holder. The key itself is the owner.

While we are all capable of power that we all can give others the chance to see this power control, it will leave an unconscious signal that had to be, and do not want. Power control is power, according to the visible world, but the channel is never conscious, unconscious, who always answers, and this applies to all artistic risk-spiritual people.

The subconscious mind really bad around the Planet Earth, as the subliminal messages in music, what do you sing in the words of the song you love, but in fact the behavior of the other message, conscious and unconscious, but I do not choose or that looks like an innocent advertisement advertisement appears harmless but nasty slip a secret message to you so fast that the flash never consciously, but sub-make conscious and James Vicary, who discovered a way to get movies to anchor in lanes necessary but unconscious. Eat popcorn in a message, or soda, they understand the unconscious desire to drink coke and popcorn button, if you say yes, and buy. In some areas of control science, some churches, some institutions, the air-transport, particularly in children, HAARP, the mind does not know the total population.

This is a sad power of the order the subconscious, and you have control back to you.

Increase in the first phase, or the first level that opens out of this nightmare, to take back the power of their own, because I am.

Unite now and be able to get rid of the "Bad" and instead of spiritual integration. What's wrong? Bad activation brainwashing means deprogramming, brainwashing the destruction of the subconscious, the destruction of toxic activation of these actions, and the divine power of the subconscious, recorded in the control of the evil deprogramming revive know or do not know if it is possible to link back to its original purity, without the intervention of mind control.

You can start with this method of treatment subconscious filtering pollutants, so you can build, and returned to normal divine calculate the right way for you to travel to Stamping heaven.

It is a complete change of life, this is not the reality in the sense that I've seen this linked to the earth than the reality itself is a direct link to the device for you.

Will you believe in the doctrine of stupid, dumb and blind to the Mask: Channel continues to say sleep. Are those who teach that Stamping heaven place to return to the liar.He, which means that the sky above the earth over liar learns.

What you see above in the formation of the head for you, you are blinded by man, so you can see, I do not feel I was not, and the message or the messenger, I do not label the world hearing.

We are looking for the truth, and inside there, and EJO store for you. Invisible.

The second stage of awareness and knowledge: knowing that we are not spiritual people, physically, it is still formless consciousness, ignore functions of the body. There is no fear, but the physical contact. Awareness and knowledge to achieve your real death, death is connected to the ship or the meat, which is protected.

Desert is very conscious. We are all about the physical world, what do you think your process is in fact the world, and you'll love. You are spiritual people, and the consciousness within you.

I do not know religion, and religion is not known, an example of faith: "I am the Almighty," Faith is not the Almighty, says, I think it is not known. I do not know the standard, you can leave as you know. It is well known, pure consciousness, which is the first step for you without knowing consciousness.

The device is connected to love and know. For example, identifying the knowledge born of their connection to pure consciousness of God's own reality now that the connection is called the unit.

Unity Consciousness to a fundamental understanding of the realities of the meat shields of the ship, or consciousness in the physical world to achieve. You can not believe you if you can. Identification of the conscious mind and without religion, believing in this context, he says, I think I know, or linking to the formless, you can reduce the physical sense.

Identification process that you are who you are, I know the result of divine truth, and gives you a step in the goal.

Strength of mind to know, was the start I know that we triple the darkness, and to begin the first step is to go back and turn it into some of the unity of mind now and then a link - you do.

Most religions, in my opinion, stick to the faith, and faith, what is not, and forget yourself and if you forget your fear kicks in and the reality of who you are forgotten, and when you came, and how you reconnect. Then life is difficult, because you are looking for trust and belief in the reality of the kingdom in the right place to know that the reality is, you, yourself.

Experience, or the second phase, that is 'bad' and the awareness and knowledge is a process of awakening and return to collect, memory, and just want to activate itself.

To a consciousness of the world in Stamping heaven development. If you raise your consciousness level of Stamping heaven on earth.

I know it's already started the journey in one or two, if the plant (start process) to repay the unconscious,

Sub link step of meditation. Meditation is not the technology itself. Meditation is one of their own. Awareness is meditation. Not that the act of meditation is the act of meditation is to justice before reaching you. I am. The focus and close word, image and voice. This is particularly quiet, light and happiness, and the amorphous true to yourself, this is the gate of the Divine that enrich the data used are not clear and how does the reality of the country.

Words of wisdom from the dream end of the channel:

O ye believers of the religious and non-believers in a bit. I gave you the opportunity to travel always includes all the features. Enjoy plenty of life and inside. Internal awareness and attract creatures return to the label under the smaller goals in advance.

I tell you, the inner awakening spirit and travel Koralatal gold cord and eyes open in the real standard of living. I will tell you information and identification when you travel Astro transcending proggestrotation this is the true inner self-consciousness and woke bruentrones to the designation of consciousness return to yourself, before the country adopted.

See fueelt balance. Tiye teach the world that you have updated information. So I close to the ground, I have less on the label, but an unknown land. You refuse refused wisdom he returned to the existence of the soul, my voice, all because it is still all in all I am invisible.

I love you all remain blessed.


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